CPS as Described by an ANONYMOUS source:
CPS – Child Protective Service

Children are simply a tool for control of people.  CPS does not care about kids.  How could they?  They are from the government and here to help secure their own well being.

The law gives CPS a free hand to do anything they want.  If you resist, they can and will call on law enforcement, for assistance, without a court order.

CPS can force their way into your home without a warrant, as they are reportedly taught that they do not need warrants.

Parents are raped by CPS agents that impose compliance requirements that are fraudulent in intent.

Parents are pillaged by the enormous and unrealistic compliance requirements that extract a huge cost in financial terms as well as time demands.

Parents are muzzled by CPS agents that hold their children hostage in a system that extorts ownership of these children.  CPS will retaliate against you if you fight for your rights.  Media attention would prove useful in fighting CPS, if you can pull it off, as few in the media will act against standing policies and/or orders.

It seems that most lawyers will go along with CPS, rather than fight the system…

Public school ‘teachers’ will interrogate your kids, to find out what you have in the way of weapons.  They have already been  interrogating kids to learn how well stocked their pantry is.  Assignments have called for pictures…

The choice is your kids or your guns.

Once CPS has your kids, the odds are quite long against you ever getting them back.

More to come, as I have the time…


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