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Obama Administration’s Natural Gas Policy Is Tragically Misguided

There is a flawed premise, here. There is intent in the policy. Like all the others…. The enemies within are not stupid… At least not those in control of government. Their supporters are another matter, altogether. Obama Administration’s Natural Gas … Continue reading

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Origins of Energy Synthesis by Professor Eric Dollard – VIDEO

Eric P Dollard, the only scientist alive to have recreated the work of Nikola Tesla. Demonstration of the difference between conventional (Transverse wave Tech) and Longitudinal Wave (Tesla wave) propagation of electric energy. Longitudinal energy traveling at 126% of the … Continue reading

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Home Power Systems: Micro Hydro

Get it while you can, if you have sufficient water flow. . Home Power Systems: Micro Hydro, by L.K.O. L.K.O. Central Rockies Regional Editor . Overview of Micro Hydro: One Component of a Home Power System One primary source … Continue reading

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