The Partnership for 21st Century Skills and your child

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The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) is quietly redesigning America’s school system implementing an educational philosophy known as Whole Child Education, a philosophy in direct conflict with the principles of a Constitutional Republic.

P21’s curriculum and philosophy is currently being practiced in eighteen States across the nation with the partnership eying an alignment with the remaining States using tools such as Common Core and CSCOPE.

P21 is an international company that is funded by major international corporations and non-profit agencies, and is deeply connected to the United Nations through associations with organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO. Backed by these organizations they have successfully implemented Whole Child Education in country after country, including America.

Whole Child Education, simply put, is public schools accepting responsibility for your child’s social, emotional, political, physical, academic and economic development, literally the whole child.

In this, “it takes a village to raise a child,” school of thought, children are raised with the belief that society, can express their collective will through public institutions, including the government, to impose what values the community will live under, and when necessary, impinge on individual freedoms as long as it’s in the best interest of the community.

An excellent example of the system in action today is demonstrated in the way schools have gained total control over the way American children perceive guns changing the way the family, and in fact the whole community feel about guns, and even their second amendment rights.

Children using gun gestures during play, eating pop tarts, being creative with legos, bubble guns, pencils, toys, killing “evil forces” during normal imaginative play etc. are literally being labeled as “terrorists” often meeting with absurdly severe punishments for these so called “crimes” like suspension, expulsion, mandatory therapy, shame from peers, even arrest and felony charges.

Individually, these events appear to be simple oversensitivity to tragic events that have happened at schools, knee jerk reactions, adherence to zero tolerance policies and so on but when you zoom out and look at the big picture, much becomes obvious. It’s easier to see the spreading anti-gun panic in America and how it’s changing the way we view anything gun or weapon related. P21 and their backers are successfully changing the way we think about our individual, inherent freedoms, convincing us to freely hand over our weapons without a fight.

The video below, The Problem with School, provides an overwhelming amount of actual footage of the extreme anti-gun agenda being drilled into the heads of our nation’s children everyday.

This link is to the White Paper pdf, created by P21 outlining their whole child initiative.

This is a link to P21’s Common Core Tool Kit with their stated goals of merging with the States under Common Core.

Finally, this link takes you to P21 news release announcing their partnerships with UNICEF, lists many of their major members including a list of states that have partnered with P21.

Finally, this link takes you to P21 news release announcing their partnerships with UNICEF, lists many of their major members including a list of states that have partnered with P21.


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