What Are the National ID Implications of the Senate Immigration Bill?

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What Are the National ID Implications of the Senate Immigration Bill?

by David Bier
May 3, 2013



1. ID standards: The bill requires all employers to check photo IDs of all employees they hire—any employee who fails to present a photo ID must be fired. Employees who attempt to use ID from states that have not implemented the Real ID Act would need a second form of identification to be hired. The Real ID Act was an unfunded mandate on states to remake their state IDs to fit federal guidelines. The states rebelled and refused to do so. This law would make it more burdensome for employees in those states to get a job—thus, this stick is being used to conform states to the federal ID standards. (The bill also creates “tamper-proof Social Security cards, which all workers will need to get a job in America).

3. Mandatory E-Verify:

4. Biometric E-Verify:

5. Identity Authentication Mechanism:


Reasons to Object

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