Fed Money Printing Games Out of Gas-Karl Denninger

You do know that there is not a market in the Western world that is not manipulated, don’t you? Not to mention official government reports.

For clarification, that comment is simply about Denninger’s reference to the stock indices.  Stock markets are manipulated, as are other markets.

Deception of a subjugated people, continues, unabated…

Fed Money Printing Games Out of Gas-Karl Denninger

By Greg Hunter
1 May 2013

Financial analyst Karl Denninger has never bought the so-called “recovery” story. Just the opposite is happening right now. He says, “When you look at these indices in the context of the last three or four months, what you see is a deteriorating picture . . . deteriorating employment, deteriorating final demand, deteriorating basically everything.” So, will the Fed print even more money? It might, but Denninger says it won’t help

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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