Jim Willie: Bank Runs & Bullion Bank Runs to Climax Soon in the US!

You can ignore the truth, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth. The day of reckoning has arrived. The time has come to suffer the consequences of willful ignorance, bad behavior and bad decisions.

Jim Sinclair
It appears to me that 8 out 10 investors have their assets in tax sheltered retirement programs. This is not a US phenomena. That means 8 out 10 investors internationally, really trust their respective governments.

Real unemployment is over 22%. Government reported unemployment is a fabrication, using hedonic adjustments. Everything reported by the government is suspect.

And, 97% of the population, cannot see what is happening, right in front of them, in broad daylight.. Many people suffer from normalcy bias. They see things that seem to happen in isolation. Yet, they either can not connect the dots or they refuse to consider the implications. It is as if they do not want to know the truth.

I, for one among many, are now leaving the ignorant and stupid to their own devices…

And, WordPress is screwed up, again.  Are all blog platforms unstable?

Jim cleared up the way China achieved Most Favored Nation status, in 1999.  The globalists, via Wall Street bankers, leased China’s gold in exchange for foreign direct investment starting in 2002 that would industrialize the nation.

Jim notes how “The Wall Street Boyz did not honor the pact, did not return the Chinese gold in 2007.”


Jim Willie: Bank Runs & Bullion Bank Runs to Climax Soon in the US!

By Jim Willie
May 4, 2013



The Western nations really truly sincerely need a wake-up call on reality, and it is coming as a paradigm shift with shock waves.
When the coming dust clears, the evidence is plain that the change to be seen will be dead banks in dissolution with private bank accounts vacated. In other words, razed leveled banks with no functioning operating offices, and bank accounts showing zero balances. The consequence is ugly and powerful, lost client trust in the banking institutions.

Faith is a key ingredient to stable systems
. The US account holders will be treated with stock shares in conversion for the dead banks, whose value will converge quickly to zero. Same effect, lost accounts. Expect soon the result to be a climax with bank runs.The bank runs will coincide with bullion bank runs, the fast removal of gold held in inventory vaults at the bullion banks.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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