Obama Continues Universal Preschool Push in Budget

Make no mistake: This is about separating kids from their parents, at the earliest possible time. The state owns you and your offspring.  That’s right:  You do not own your own person…

This is a report, non-critical.
Critical thinking is dormant, or dead.

Public education has only one purpose.  It is not education.
Public education is indoctrination. It is behavioral modification.

The goal in education is to destroy your dignity as a human being and render you docile as you enter adulthood, so that you will not disrupt the smooth operation of the labor-taxing system of “corporate government”.

The teachers of today, provide the student with an indoctrination into Socialism and Public Policy.  Teachers are all collectivists, creating clones.

This is what happens to a failed citizenry. A failed citizen is subjugated.
A subject has no voice, no power and no property rights.
The only thing you own, is that which you can carry and defend.
The only rights you have, are those you are willing to fight, kill and die for.

And the people remain clueless.

Obama Continues Universal Preschool Push in Budget

by Tricia McCarter-Joseph
April 26, 2013

WASHINGTON — Making good on his State of the Union comments to provide “high quality preschool for every child,”

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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