Sinclair – The Elites Frightening Plan To Control The Masses

Take note of that image on the lower right: Zimbabwe Currency Value.  That is where we’re headed….

I prefer the term ‘globalists’ rather than lend dignity to those referred to as ‘the elite’.

Millionaires will be reduced to poverty as they try to make sense out of what has, is and will happen to them. The numbers in the middle class has already shrunk. It will continue to shrink, violently, at times. If you are not on the inside, you are on the outside, and you are a target.

A few lines, excerpted.


Sinclair – The Elites Frightening Plan To Control The Masses

Eric King with Jim Sinclair
April 28, 2013

The goal of this pre-arranged wealth destruction is to equalize the ‘new rich’ and the ‘upper middle-class.’

We are coming very close to a point where the manufacturing of unprecedented amounts of fiat currency has to have a global impact.


Maintaining significant deposits inside banks in the current financial system is setting up that portion of your wealth to be destroyed or stolen from you.

…the ‘Great Equalization’ that is about to take place.
This phase will serve to bring humanity to its knees.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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