Current Events, Thursday, April 25, 2013

News and analysis you will not usually get from the legacy propaganda media..

NOETS: An Example of Agenda 21 in San Francisco


Rand Paul Fails the Big Test

This is only one failure. Another article here, says he has been consistently wrong on drones, too.
The man is a politician and follows orders.


FBI, local police conducting massive sweep in Oakland


The Misguided Case for Capital Controls

Capital controls have already been implemented in the US.
Plan for an increase in tighter controls.
Again, going off shore may not be the safety net it has been, throughout history.

I’m convinced that Krugman is bought and paid for. The best treatment for sell outs, is to ignore them. Do not dignify them with any response, what so ever.


Everyone’s Talking about “False Flags …
Isn’t that Another Bogus Historical Conspiracy Theory?


Child Hunger Is Exploding In Greece –
And 14 Signs That It Is Starting To Happen In America Too


“The Battlefield Is The United States Of America”

I’m not so sure that his historic conclusions are applicable.
It is different, this time. And, there is no where to run or hide.

The Collapse in the Rule of Law

They are taking away all the safeguards that we cherished and so many died for defending those liberties.


Surreal! Two distinct realities – mass media hypnosis versus reality



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