There is a message for you, in these pictures from Boston

A terrorist is someone who uses violence, or the threat of violence, to achieve ideological or political ends.

This is a photo of the real terrorists.  How many can you count?  What is the population of the Boston area?

Were these real terrorists afraid of that kid, they would not be walking down the middle of the street, this way, would they?

This was not an effort to catch one kid who may or may not have been the perpetrator, or the pawn of a government agency.  Patsie might be a better term to describe the kid.  Someone made reference to the Stockholm Syndrome.

More than 150 police officers were hospitalized for injuries received in the pursuit of Tsarnaev – a semi-conscious teenager hiding under a tarp in a pacified city which offered no resistance.

This was a show of force.  A message to citizens.





You might want to use Image Zoom, to shrink this next photo.  Image Zoom is a nice little extension for the Firefox browser.





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