Northwestern Will Require All Students to Complete New Diversity Program

If you are a white person and wonder whether there is an agenda working against you and everything you believe, then wonder no more.

This is one aspect of the agenda at work in higher education facilities, all across the land.  Ain’t nobody dumber than a higher ed student.  That’s why Rush says they are young skulls full of mush.

Allow me to suggest you buy nothing new, particularly if there is a negro spokesman, anyone of color or where the white man is portrayed as a dufus.

Buy used at every possible opportunity and boycott any media sponsor with other than a white spokesman, in a credible role.  Boycott them and waste no time to tell them why.  Boycott the higher ed institutions, as well.  Nothing good is coming out of these infestations of liberal thought.

The attacks on ‘whitey’ are similar to the attacks on your Second Amendment rights. There is an agenda at work, it is unstoppable and it is leading to bloodshed because the race wars and other strifes are stoked from the highest levels, including obomo.

Things will be aggravated as the economy continues its contraction and more people say ‘enough’.

Diversity brought us down. Diversity will kill us off, as the globalists relax in their safe locations and watch the show.

Northwestern Will Require All Students to Complete New Diversity Program

by Charles Rollet – Northwestern University
April 18, 2013

Northwestern University is busy implementing an ambitious program for diversity on campus. University officials have created a “Social Inequalities and Diversities” requirement, which all students will have to complete before they graduate.

The goal of the requirement is multifaceted. The draft proposal states that once completed, students will be able to “expand their ability to think critically”, “recognize their own positionality in systems of inequality,” and “engage in self-reflection on power and privilege.”

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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