Failed Gun Control Agenda? Think Again!

It ain’t over, ’til its over. Liberals have a specialty in their expertise of getting conservatives to negotiate with themselves.  This might be referred to as a Chinese auction.

Conservatives buy into the idea that compromise is necessary, to get anything done. This is what allows incrementalism to work. Never mind that they forget what happens when you compromise.

Unprincipled is what you are, when you compromise your principles.
When you compromise your principles, you have no principles.

The Unprincipled are what got us here, by way of compromising.

You can ignore the truth, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth. The day of reckoning has arrived. The time has come to suffer the consequences of willful ignorance, bad behavior and bad decisions.

The gun grabbers are a patient bunch. They will maintain the attack on one of your last bastions of freedom. They will get the guns because too many people are easily persuaded or otherwise convinced of the need to compromise.

Failed Gun Control Agenda? Think Again!

by Mark S. Mann
April 19, 2013



Life in America is becoming more insane by the day. I want to comment on what some are calling the “defeat” or “failure” of current anti-gun legislation. First, this is not a closed issue or agenda. We have not won the high ground. This is a temporary victory. All this does is buy time for people that live in states not yet affected. Ask anyone in California, Colorado, New York, Connecticut, (and soon to be other States) if they care about the recent back ground check legislation not passing. That law is now of minor consequence if you live in one of these states.


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