Clearing Some Notes on the Killing of Christopher Jordan Dorner

This is the left over collection of notes from when the LAPD killed Chris Dorner and burned the house where he died.  He apparently died from a gunshot.  This killing begs the question of whether the gun shot was self-inflicted, or not;  and a host of other questions regarding procedure, training and intent.

There are too many questions and issues regarding this whole incident.


Christopher Jordan Dorner

Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence: Calif. college women’s basketball coach and her fiance found dead inside car, report says

That article was before it was attributed to Dorner. Notice some important parts:

1. The two were found because the fiancé was slumped over the steering wheel, not because of shots that were fired through windows. In fact, there is no mention of bullet holes in the windshields or windows. Was the shooter inside the car? Would Dorner be in there?

2. The garage has a key code and security cameras throughout the complex. No tape showing Dorner has been released, but we have several other non-incriminating pieces of tape released. Why?

Lawrence, the fiancé, was a USC Patrol Officer.

When they were found dead, they had been dead “for some time”. Also, he was licensed to carry. There were no reports of shots in the area, but the police said they appeared to have been shot where they were found.

This was… peculiar. (LINK)

An assistant coach and patrol cop… living in $1 million dollar condos?


An aerial view of the parking garage where they were found:

This is an aerial view of the parking garage where they were found:

Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Original, Unedited, Unredacted so-Called Manifesto was seen in 3 different places before noon, the day the story broke.  Just over 5900 words. Very damning to the LAPD.

How do you know when a police officer is lying??? Their training makes it difficult. Yesterday is history and we face a new world that most of us do not know.

The best information that will come out of this will be from the study of how the MSM and the officials smear an individual’s name.

The police have proven that they will shoot first and ask questions later.

Even if they are shooting in the dark or killing innocent civilians.


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