As economy flails, debtors’ prisons thrive

Have you ever heard of debtors’ prisons? They were outlawed a long time ago. But, today, the globalists set policy and stuff flows down hill.

Judges are holding people in contempt of court, today, for the inability to pay collection agencies. They are jailed and there is no due process or jury trial.

Debt collectors have been known to intentionally serve papers at old addresses, to make sure they win in court. Not to mention the false claims made before a court, kickbacks to corrupt sheriffs and judges so that their victim’s personal property can be taken for a song, under a so-called legal judgment.

Then, there are cases of getting jailed for an inability to pay child support or alimony. All too often, vindictive women project their self-contempt onto their spouse or former spouse, and the just US system nearly always supports such classless behavior as they encourage people to debase themselves. A lot of people get disappeared from the world, this way.

Enforcement is selective. Another example of the Prison Industrial Complex.

As economy flails, debtors’ prisons thrive

By Alain Sherter
April 4, 2013


(MoneyWatch) Thousands of Americans are sent to jail not for committing a crime, but because they can’t afford to pay for traffic tickets, medical bills and court fees.

If that sounds like a debtors’ prison, a legal relic which was abolished in this country in the 1830s, that’s because it is. And courts and judges in states across the land are violating the Constitution by incarcerating people for being unable to pay such debts.

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