Black Friday 1869

Doesn’t the Bible say that no one is righteous?
Are most people good people? Ask a liberal if people are good.
The brain dead fool will likely answer ‘yes’…

Now that the globalists are in complete control of governments and big businesses, world wide, what is to stop their agenda?

Black Friday 1869

Today, Black Friday has many meanings, such as the day when retailers offer the biggest sales of the year. In the past, however, Black Friday referred to disasters, such as incidents of violence or widespread financial catastrophe.

The first day known as Black Friday occurred in the United States on September 24 of 1869, when the price of gold plummeted, resulting in the financial ruin of a large number of investors. This event was also called the Fisk & Gould scandal, in honor of the speculators who brought about the financial panic. It was one of most damaging scandals that occurred during the eight year presidency of Ulysses S. Grant.

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