To Protect and Serve


There is a good chance that your local police are en-route to this kind of behavior, if they are not already there.
The federales do not provide funding, equipment and services without strings attached.

So, if your local police have been federalized, watch your step. This is not by accident. It is not coincidence. It is not an isolated situation. This stuff has been spreading across the country, for some time.

The issue of prison time for bureaucratic infractions, will have to wait.  If time allows, I may post a piece on the closure of government jails and prisons, in light of the rise of private prison ‘complex’.  That piece will included juvenile prisons and prisons that produce an output that competes with private businesses.

It is hard to compete with a government operation that houses and feeds the labor, while paying them $0.25 per hour.  Of course, there are a lot of pensions of cops, judges, lawyers, representatives, etc, that are invested in the prison industrial complex.

This incident occurred in a prison in Maine.
Guards restrained the prisoner in a chair and tortured him with pepper spray.
An investigation was launched after this photo was released, to identify the whistleblower.


Prison captain fired, but later reinstated, after pepper spraying inmate



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