Jim Willie Interview 3/26/13 What is Happening in Cyprus and How it will Affect All of Us.

Is there anyone that failed to recognize that the theft of Cypriot bank deposits, was a loud and clear Notice of Intent, by the globalists, to steal your money?

Is there anyone that still thinks that they have a voice, power or property rights?

Hazarding a guess, at least 98% of the population…

This interview is about 50 minutes.


Published on Mar 26, 2013

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Willie, the Golden Jackass.

He provided excellent information as always about what is really happening and how it will affect us all in Cyprus.

He gives information that is not readily available on the internet. He is able to provide inside information from sources who know what is happening behind the scenes.

We discussed:

The Russians and possible retaliation against the EU
How are the Russians and Chinese working together
The future of the EU
The gold and silver prices
The U.S. dollar
The Eurasian trade
China and Africa
All of the above plus more is discussed in the interview.

Jim Willie’s website Golden Jackass

Must listen to.

Link to interview on the blog:


**note – I am able to capture the interview in 10 minute segments online**


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