EPA Plans Stricter Limit for Sulfur in Gasoline

This should remove any and all doubts about the agenda to destroy America, in a soft genocide. This will reduce the consumer to traveling by means other than cars and trucks.

It is also another assault on the middle class which is roughly about 27% of the economy, supporting the bottom 47% as well as the top tiers.

This will impact not only your costs, but also your engine performance and life expectancy. The EPA will also have an impact on refineries, to which they will likely deny permits, similar to the way they are shutting down coal fired power plants.

It shouldn’t be too long before the availability of all energy becomes a serious issue, regardless of your ability to pay for it. That is in addition to a direct threat from inflation.

This proposal was ready more than a year before the most recent election.
You are the target of the agenda, coming at you from all directions.
And there is nothing you can do about it.

This should explain why liberals are repugnant and contemptible.
The truth is not in liberals, which is sort of a catch-all phrase that includes marxists.

EPA Plans Stricter Limit for Sulfur in Gasoline

Published: March 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency will propose a rule on Friday that will cut the amount of sulfur allowed in gasoline by two-thirds to improve the performance of the catalytic converters in engines that fight smog, the agency has told refiners and clean-air advocates.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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