Cyprus weekend update

Here are a couple of articles that demonstrate the solid justification for the popularity that Bonnie and Clyde enjoyed, amongst the people.

If these things are reported in the legacy propaganda media, you can bet that the spin on the issues will be framed  so as to minimize any reason for concern, much less alarm.  Don’t you think?

There are reports of an ‘extremely complicated’ computer virus that is currently making ‘the international banking rounds’, in a select fashion, causing all kinds of problems with account balances, access, etc.

The suggestion is that this is a beta test, prior to going live.  This would certainly justify a government response.  Wouldn’t it?

What is the interest rate paid by banks, today?  Convert what you can to tangible, useful and/or otherwise edible stuff.   You will get a better return on your investment, due to inflation, if nothing else.  While you can.

Be mindful of security issues, as well.  Recall the old saying that ‘loose lips sink ships’.  Have you ever had someone say to you,  that in the event of major problems, they would come to your place, because you were prepared?

Even if the words were not spoken, when hardship hits, they will remember how you are in good shape with provisions and tools.  Another risk is that they will tell the government that you are a hoarder, in exchange for something to eat.

You do know that the globalists have made sure that there laws against hoarding, don’t you.  There are laws now on the books, that make a lot of things illegal.  Just part of those legislative bills that politicians are ordered to pass – without reading.

Never mind that an UNconstitutional law ain’t no law at all.  And, never mind that enforcement remains limited, for the moment.


Now You Know Why Cyprus Has No 2nd Amendment

So the Cypriot citizen remains on the hook for his bank loans, while the debts of politicians will be written off…


Postulate: Central Banks & Governments Are Thieves And Liars

Letter from the Central Bank of Cyprus from February 11, 2013.
Cyprus politicians rule out confiscation of deposits, just before they confiscated deposits.


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