Meet the Local Enemy Within – Illegal Mayors

See their Rap Sheet at the first link: Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors.
There are “More than 800 of them ” that have signed on to publicly assault and attack your Constitutional rights.

Once is never enough. They have and will continue to dominate you into subservience, at every possible opportunity.

Regarding Universal Background Checks:  You give the government the right to access your emails, web browsing records, financial data, credit card spending habits, medical records, associates, grocery store spending habits, cigarette purchases, television viewing habits, phone records and travel habits including EZPass and the GPS in your vehicle and your phone.


Licensing is Registration is Confiscation.


Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors


New SAF Video: Equal Gun Rights


Real gun news,
Not found in the Mainstream Media


SAF Launches ‘Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors’ Project


Gun Owners Call Mayors Out On Mayors Against Illegal Guns


Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Ad
Stereotypes Gun Owners


Meet the Local Enemy Within
Mayors Against Illegal Guns


Bloomberg Kicks Off $12 Million Gun-Control Ad Campaign


Bonus: Dumb and Dumber Star Says You Ain’t Worth Squat
Boycott this Punk and All Of Hollywood


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