Added 2 pertinent paragraphs on Ephraim.

A harbinger is a warning. As these harbingers were warnings to Israel, they are warnings to America. The Harbinger spells judgment for America and probably the world.

Someone noted that since the US sent more missionaries abroad to spread the Gospel, than all other nations in history combined, America’s purpose was to usher in the “fullness of the Gentiles”.

The USA is modern biblical Ephraim. In fact, when Ephraim (the youngest son of Joseph) was adopted by Jacob (i.e., Israel) on his deathbed, he prophesied that Ephraim would one day be melo hagoyim (Gen. 48:19).

In Hebrew, the literal translation of the phrase melo hagoyim is “fullness of the Gentiles” (cf. Rom. 11:25). This is why what happened to ancient Ephraim (one of the titles for ancient Samaria, a.k.a. the House of Israel) is VERY relevant to modern America. The pattern of events which occurred in ancient Samaria is repeating in its end-time incarnation, the USA (Ecc. 1:9).

They say that God’s next message will be to come out from the unclean world.
Does this mean to leave the cities for the wilderness? That seems very logical, regardless of the inability to hear God’s voice. The Ozarks seem to be ideal, particularly regarding water.

God’s judgment must come. How can it not be soon?
The only question is one of timing…

An echo: Pray for God’s direction and guidance, to break through the blind and deaf condition, to provide the ability to hear the Holy Spirit, and the trust and strength to stand until the end. Then, stand.
Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:



Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
The Jerusalem Center
A Messianic Worship Center

The Harbinger spells judgment for America.

Before its destruction as a nation, ancient Israel received nine harbingers, prophetic omens of warning. The same nine harbingers are now manifesting in America — with immediate ramifications for end-time prophecy.

Hidden in an ancient biblical prophecy from Isaiah, the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger are so precise that they foretold recent American events down to the exact days. The revelations are so specific that even the most hardened skeptics will find hard to dismiss. It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller – with one difference… IT’S REAL.

Please click the link to see more.

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