Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding

There have been allegations that google was cia, all the way. That may or may not be true.  Would you bet your life on it?

Google Glass or Government Glass? No matter. There will be wide spread adoption, as the price falls. People will compromise themselves and everyone around them, with joy and delight.

A highly qualified geek says he was chilled to the bone, in a meeting where he listened to a Japanese futurist’s vision and ‘how helpful it would be to have the police track your every move’. The futurist said that the “winners” in the new society would be those who embraced new technologies, and received a standing ovation. The geek’s conclusion was that the futurist could dream it and the audience could build it. But the government will use it. If those that built it turn against the system, they will become the first casualties of the new society.

This is a device that allows the government to eavesdrop on and monitor the movements of the user, with audio, video and gps tracking, in exchange for the convenience of talking to their friends whenever they wanted.

Google empowers you to unwittingly compromise your own privacy and the privacy of other people.
Such are the perils and pitfalls of advanced technology.

Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding

By Nick Pickles
19 March 2013

New technology will make us all agents for Google. Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch, says the implications for privacy are profoundly worrying.

Sergey Brin showing off Google Glass augmented reality spectacles Photo: AP

Imagine if Google or Facebook decided to install their own CCTV cameras everywhere, gathering data about our movements, recording our lives and joining up every camera in the land in one giant control room.

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