“What in the world is a Bitcoin?”

Caveat emptor. “Let the buyer beware”.
There is some indication that in June 2011, BitCoin gave a presentation to CIA company In-Q-Tel.  Search Current Events for “BitCoin CIA Connection”, posted Monday, March 19, 2013.

“Of all the contrivances devised for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes him with paper money” – Daniel Webster.

Some items already mentioned, bear repeating.
This little snippet is from one who no longer has a voice much beyond a past internet activity and real world life, and what is submitted, here.

We are without recourse to lawful money of the United States, precisely because the moral, political and societal rot of our once free and decent culture and Nation, can be logically and Biblically laid at the feet of this one root of all evil.

Even the use of their systemic evil scheme to “make money” is tantamount to bowing down to Baal to some of US. Not because it doesn’t make dollars and sense, but because it supports and promulgates the growing evil.

It’s a tough reality for modern “Americans” to wrap their minds around, let alone their spirits, when the self-same diabolical money scheme has assimilated a very high percentage of present day statist Churches, through incorporation, state licensing, faith-base “partnerships”, IRS gag orders, tax-deductible contributions, the National and World Council of “Churches”, networking for world communism and the “labor” movement throughout the 1950s and 1960s to the present, with the “social justice” gospel taking root, ad nauseum. It is increasingly difficult to find a local assembly UNtainted by these evils and lies of Satan, in some measure.

I often wonder if the “give unto Caesar” crowd has ever contemplated exactly why so many early Christians gave their lives, were stripped of their property, were fed to the lions, driven hungry into the catacombs, for refusing to bow to Caesar, because it was rank idolatry, let alone WHO is given ultimate authority in our former Constitutional Republic.

The globalists dictate how much water you are allowed to use, in the toilet; how your french fries can be cooked; how big your fountain drink can be; what plants you can grow in your front yard; what kind of light bulbs you can use; etc. And so much more of your life that they micro-manage, “for your own good”.

They are already stealing contents from safety deposit boxes, so it should be no surprise that capital controls have been installed. You can leave. You just have a lot of rules and regulations on what wealth you can take with you.

So, is Bitcoin viable? Practical? Honest? I don’t know. There were some early questions about it being a pyramid scheme. Paypal is pretty expensive and possibly intrusive, if not also abusive.

Bitcoin is digital currency. If you can not pay for electricity, you have no internet access. If there are brown outs, you will not have access to your digital currency. Same thing if you can not pay for internet access.

There are a lot of risks and threats to our way of life, that most did not recognize or acknowledge, in the recent past. That seems to be changing, slowly.

What do you know about Bitcoin? What do you think about it?

“What in the world is a Bitcoin?”

by Simon Black
March 15, 2013

Reporting from Santiago, Chile

Earlier in the week, I wrote to you about an Argentine car rental agency that had started accepting Bitcoins as a means to bypass local capital controls.

We received a lot of questions about the article, the most common of which was “What in the world is a BITCOIN?”

Please click the link to see the complete article.

Here is a more:
Financial crisis revealed and resolved in the world of Bitcoin


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