California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms

It ain’t coming. It is here and now, in real time.

This heat has been on for a while, but the globalists have cranked it up.  How can this not go hot, nation wide?  We are frogs and the water is about to boil over…

There are more of us than there are of them. That is the reason they must win the mind game.

Get right with your Maker. Ask for guidance.
Spread the news. Prepare your minds.

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. –Harry S. Truman

The only enforcement agent you can count as being on the side of law and order, freedom and liberty, and justice… is a retired Peace Officer.

The police ranks have been diluted from selection guidelines.  You can be too smart, to be a cop.  You are an ideal candidate if you are too dumb to do anything other than just follow orders.   The cops performance is well understood by virtue of the training and discipline that goes with the job.

They do not want to talk to you.  Most are just bright enough to know that you are likely smarter than they are, and you represent a real risk to the cop’s mental state.  That – they can not deal with, in a rational way.

It did not have to be this way.  It was made this way with crafty legislation that has been written in such general terms, as to offer any interpretation that is desired, in any given situation.

Legislation comes from puppets who do as they are told.  They should be “disbanded as an ineffective temple of beggars to banks and industry, whose main function has been to raise funds and win the next election.”  The supreme court is another circus charade that should be disbanded, since they look to the congress and congressional intent, from which to base their decisions.  They have been trashing the US Constitution for a long, long time.

So, you got the stuff that flows down hill.

Who is worse?
The guys writing the rules?
The guys voting for legislation that becomes law, based on the rules?
The guys making policy, based on the rules?
The guys issuing orders, based on the rules?
The guys executing orders, based on the rules, as they execute you?

The progression is from legislation > policy > selection > training > discipline.

They are all perpetrators.

Any enforcement agent on active duty, is your front line oppressor.  If you doubt this, just consider how many unconstitutional orders the enforcement agent carries out, every day.

Today is just another day, another enforcement action.  That is his job.  That is what he is paid to do.  That is his reason for being.  Otherwise, he would starve to death.

Cops and other various enforcement agencies are the front lines of offense and defense, of the tyrants – the globalists.

The enforcement agent’s job is also to enforce the enslavement of his own family, community, state and nation.

They will continue to follow the Nuremberg defense.

There are Federal police to watch out for the interests of the Federal government. There are State police to watch out for the interests of the state governments. There are county police to watch out for the interests of the county governments. There are city police to watch out for the interests of the city governments. There are NO police to watch out for the interests of the people.

The cops who arrest you, work for the STATE, the prosecutors who prosecute you, work for the STATE, the attorney who represents you, is licensed by the STATE, the judge who oversees the court room, works for the STATE.
It’s not called the “JUST US” system for nothing…

They all work for the same boss = the STATE – and it’s in their best interest to nail the citizens to the wall. It secures their very being.

Federal, state and local perpetrators will continue to ignore our rights and do as they are ordered by the globalists, as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.

They must draw ‘first blood’.  They have already drawn and continue to draw ‘first blood’.  But, the time is not yet.  There are no easy answers.  No obvious go signals.  Pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment.

That is your hope, as change makes gains.


California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms

By Michael B. Marois & James Nash


California Department of Justice police agents walk towards a house near Ontario, California on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. The agents, working for the only state-level program to confiscate illegal firearms from owners, targeted people who’d once legally purchased firearms and lost the right after being convicted of violent crimes, committed to mental institutions or hit with restraining orders.

They had better luck in nearby Upland, where they seized three guns from the home of Lynette Phillips, 48, who’d been hospitalized for mental illness, and her husband, David. One gun was registered to her, two to him.

“The prohibited person can’t have access to a firearm,” regardless of who the registered owner is, said Michelle Gregory, a spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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