Why 8 GOP Rats are Grabbing for Obama`s Medicaid Expansion

Tyranny will continue to grow unless a majority of the States and the people fail to confront this subjugation of our Constitution.

This Medicaid expansion is more wealth redistribution.
It is being embraced by these eight GOP Governors who are tacitly endorsing the agenda and lending credibility to Obama, even as they continue to discredit themselves.

The printer must continue to run and the computer currency digits must continue to grow, to pay for this liberal, progressive debasement. The money is used to fund particular states asking for government Medicaid support.

The cost and liabilities accrue to productive citizens, who must bear the weight for non-productive citizens.
In the process, millions of voters are added to these States’ Medicaid programs, with a vested interest in voting for those politicians who hand out the freebies.

Thus, the productive, self-supporting people are defacto slaves to the unproductive, forced at the point of the government gun.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer
Brewer faces tough fight expanding Medicaid


North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple
Dalrymple: Funding For Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Is “Free Money”


Florida Gov. Rick Scott
Womp: Florida Gov. Scott decides to expand Medicaid


Florida Gov. Rick Scott
Florida House rejects Obamacare Medicaid expansion despite governor’s support


Florida Gov. Rick Scott
See: Florida Medicaid expansion rejected by state Senate panel


Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Gov. Kasich looks to expand Medicaid in OH


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
Mich. governor signs on for Obama’s Medicaid expansion


New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
Gov. Martinez Announces Medicaid Expansion


Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval
Sandoval Announces Nev. Medicaid Expansion


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
Christie Agrees To Medicaid Expansion In Annual Budget Speech


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