Dylan Grice Explains How “Crackpot” Central Bankers Are Destroying Society

I agree with his premise:

our best and brightest economists have very little understanding of economics.

There may be some question regarding “our best and brightest” as illustrated by those in the “public eye”.  But, no question regarding the lack of understanding, by those in the “public eye”.

If you want to learn about economics, avoid Keynesian economics.  It is fatally flawed.  It is known to be fatally flawed and it is known that John Maynard Keynes admitted that it is fatally flawed.

The Austrian school of economic theory is valid.  The Austrian school of economic theory is specifically avoided by the globalists, central bankers and the governments around the world.  The globalists know.  All economists should know.

Check out http://www.mises.org

That is not to say that the globalists have very little understanding, though.

There is no doubt in my mind, that the globalists know full well what they are doing. They are implementing their agenda, based on long range plans, with periodic revisions.

Elements of their planning are on display, right now, in Syria, Egypt, N. Korea, Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries. This is no coincidence. This is no accident. This has all been gamed with the world’s best computers and analysts.

This is a collection of related information, assembled over time. Otherwise, I don’t know of one specific source for the content.

Just know that Agenda 21  is coming like a thief in the night.

The United States Government:

Agenda 21 is a part of the long range global plan. Almost every Federal Department has it’s hand in Agenda 21 Principles. It’s happening now… all around you… it’s been happening for 25 years. Another example of death by 1000 paper cuts.

The words they use, give us a warm, cuddly feeling. But behind the warm fuzzy words and phrases, lies complete socialism… global, regional government and complete control of your life.

Here is a link to a short Michael Shaw video, in 7 minutes he does an excellent job of communicating how deep sustainability… and Agenda 21 policies are being worked into your daily life, and the methods being used.

Many communities have fought back and stopped Agenda 21. It’s not a lost fight, we only need to grab hold of our own local governments…and that’s easy.

More and more with each passing year, federal regulations are passed that are forcing people off their own land, or declaring a person’s land as some kind of environmental zone that restricts use of the land.  I know of one family in the Pacific NorthWest that lost a 20 year battle with the greenies.  In the summer of 2012, they were given 2 weeks to get off their homestead.

Also the government and NGO’s and purchasing land and making that land off limits to people.

  • Private property is not sustainable
  • Single family housing is not sustainable
  • Driving to work is not sustainable
  • Capitalism is not sustainable…you get the drift.
  • You are not sustainable.

Part of this agenda is to starve the people by not allowing farmland to be used for growing crops.

It is Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius, all wrapped up in one.

It is similar to what Stalin did in the Ukraine and what Pol Pot did during his regime — starve the people to death.

Almost all public schools are now implementing a “21st Century Education” designed to rob children of individualism and achievement, rather… sacrificing all for the group or the community.  Public schools are turning your children against you, in the process.

And there is the Green Economic System that is ready to be put in place once Western Society has collapsed.

Farmers and other land owners have already been “forced” to relinquish land through regulation — no forcible roundups needed. That’s how TPTB are accomplishing Agenda 21 — land use/planning codes and eminent domain theft.

It is very much alive and well and in almost every federal agency already affecting our daily lives. It’s in education, energy, transportation, food production — heck, even Obamacare is part of Agenda 21, as are the drones being deployed (part of the “control” portion of inventory and control). It’s everywhere!

And contrary to some opinions, it’s picked up speed and is happening faster and faster.

It’s in the local paper almost every day. In fact, the regional planning council has issued an ultimatum to several development agencies working on multiple Agenda 21 stack and packs, to hurry up and get them done.

And with each natural disaster — hurricane, earthquake, tornado, you name it — where people lose their homes in droves, it seems like they’re being herded into these facilities quick time. (Makes me wonder if a lot of these so-called natural disasters aren’t geo-engineered for just this purpose, as well as to sway public opinion to the side of “climate change”.

Terms like “smart growth” are really code for the eventual erosion of private property rights. They fear people in positions of power are colluding – some knowingly, some unwittingly – to convert America into a dystopian society: a land where private property is abolished, where people are forced into prescribed habitation zones, and where all natural resources are under the exclusive control of the government.

This is serious business.  Deadly serious.


Dylan Grice Explains How
“Crackpot” Central Bankers Are Destroying Society

From Dylan Grice of Edelweiss Holdings



They certainly should understand money. They print it, lend it, borrow it, conjure it. They control the price of it… But so what? What should be true is not necessarily what is true, and in the topsy-turvy world of finance and economics, it rarely is. So file the following under “strange but true”: our best and brightest economists have very little understanding of economics. Take the current malaise as prima facie evidence.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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