USDA Promoting Racial Division at Taxpayer Expense

Awareness of propaganda and mind control techniques, is a good first step to reducing your susceptibility to these influences. They are pervasive, throughout modern society.   Research advances seem to have really started bearing results, in the past 10 years, or so.

Kinda sorta makes you wonder about some of these mass murder events…  Don’t it?

You can not escape these assaults. They are in just about everything, in every media. Newspapers, TV programs, sports shows, ect. The assaults are also pervasive in the commercials, as well as the weather report.

There is not a market in the Western world, that is not manipulated, today.  You can ad that there is not a media anywhere in the world, that does not use propaganda and mind control, to directly influence the viewer.

Movies made for the ‘big screen’, often include mind control methods and devices. The Batman and Star Trek movies are often loaded with obvious and not so obvious messages.

The biggest football game of the year, is loaded with symbolism from the occult. It celebrates depravity.

Public Service announcements are insidious for using your tax dollars to pay for messages that are intently focused on manipulating you opinions and behavior.



USDA Promoting Racial Division at Taxpayer Expense

Katie Pavlich
Feb 15, 2013

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has released video footage of a sensitivity training produced by the United States Department of Agriculture, a training mandatory for USDA employees.

Please click the link to see the complete article and two videos.


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