Jim Rogers: We’re Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence

It is past the time to quit being a saver. You should be spending every thing you get, as quick as you get it. Of course, you want to be debt free, first. Then, plan on a way to pay your land rents, known as property taxes.

Inflation is picking up, but we ain’t seen nothing, yet. Not compared to what is coming. You want to have the ability to produce your own food. You want the ability to heat and cook with wood, so you need access to dead trees.

How will you eat, when you can’t go to the store to get your food? Not that the food won’t be there. It will, most likely. But, grocers are likely to be fewer and farther between. That means that you are going to have to travel greater distances to find a grocer.

The variety of choices will be diminished, with drastically fewer options for everything. The quality of most foods already seems to be corrupted with gluten and GMO crops.

The quality of everything has been diminished as evidenced by Walmart’s talent for cutting costs. Just about anything from Walmart should be considered disposable. That is what happens when you cut costs too far.

Walmart earned the nickname ‘Chinamart’, since they get most of their stuff from China. But, it is now hard to find anything in the US, that isn’t made in China.

Everything produced in China, should be suspect. Their motives and objectives are suspect, as an enemy of the people of the US. China produces very little quality in their products. They have flooded the market with seriously contaminated food products and there is some question about radio active items such as forks, spoons and other utensils.

China utilizes slave labor and they have few regulations to add to the compliance cost, that US businesses must bear, courtesy of that silent partner known as Big Brother. The globalists will continue to use China to achieve their objectives, just as they will use muslims, marxists, socialists and fascists.

Back to the question of ‘how will you eat?’ There is a great famine approaching, that will overtake nearly everyone. Most do not know real hunger and most do not see, nor suspect, that famine is a real threat, right now.

What will you do as you starve to death, while watching your kids waste away?
What will your neighbors be doing?

If you have a little more than your neighbors, will you share?
If you have a little less than your neighbors, will you steal? Kill?
Will you report your neighbors for owning guns? What if the globalists offer food – say, enough for a day or a week?

How will you defend yourself, your family and your property?

Do you have the wherewithal to produce enough food stuffs, with enough nutrients and calories? Diversify as much as possible, with the tools to work the land.
Do you have easy access to water? Easy access is a worse case drought situation where the static water level is less than 50 feet from the top of the ground.

Will you be affected by the availability of affordable electricity? Gasoline?
Energy is another very real threat that most people do not see.

Why try? It seems that most people prefer to ignore the indicators and warnings…

Video: Chris Martenson interviews Jim Rogers – 19 minutes


Jim Rogers: We’re Wiping Out
The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence

by Adam Taggart
Saturday, March 9, 2013


History shows this does not end well.

Jim Rogers decries the growing uncertainty and recklessness of global central planners as the world enters unchartered financial markets:

Please click the link to see the complete article and video.

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