The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell


The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell

Brandon Smith
Wednesday, 06 March 2013


When a group or organization seeks to establish any social policy, it helps tremendously if that group remains honest in their endeavor. If its members are forced to lie, tell half-truths or use manipulative tactics in order to fool the masses into accepting its initiative, then the initiative at its very core is not worth consideration. Propaganda is not simply political rhetoric or editorial fervor; it is the art of deceiving people into adopting the ideology you want them to espouse. It is not about convincing people of the truth; it is about convincing people that fallacy is truth.

Nothing embodies this disturbing reality of cultural dialogue more than the ill-conceived movement toward gun control in America.

It isn’t that gun control proponents are impossible to talk to in a rational manner; most gun control activists have an almost fanatical cult-like inability to listen to reason. It isn’t that they are so desperate to paint themselves as “intellectually superior” to 2nd Amendment advocates; intellectual idiocy is a plague upon many ideological groups. What really strikes me as astonishing is the vast and embarrassing lengths to which gun grabbers in particular will go to in order to deny facts and obfuscate history.

I have seen jaw-dropping acts of journalistic debauchery and blatant disregard for reality since the gun debate exploded in the wake of Sandy Hook. I have seen past precedents rewritten in order to falsely diminish gun rights arguments. I have seen dishonest and volatile tactics used to misdirect discussion and attack the character, rather than the position, of those who defend the 2nd Amendment. I have seen gun grabbers use unbelievable acts of deception that border on clinically sociopathic in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

A perfect example has been the assertion by gun control proponents that despotic regimes do not disarm their populations before committing genocide. This primarily stems from the rationalization that the Third Reich did not exactly introduce gun control measures, rather it used measures that were already in existence. Gun grabbers are willing to cherry pick historical references in defense of Adolf Hitler in order to get their way. Sadly, they seem to forget that Hitler’s gun control policies of 1938 disarmed the Jewish people as his “Final Solution” was being implemented. Apparently, gun grabbers do not count the Jews as German citizens victimized by disarmament.


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3 Responses to The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell

  1. Oh for goodness sakes, Ace. I know perfectly well Hitler took away their guns! That comparison, implication, whatever you want to call it, with current people who want to see sensible restrictions like background checks that MEAN something, and legal requirements for safe storage, training and licensing, will forever be irrelevant – because WE… aren’t… Nazis. You’re being every bit as unfair, intolerant and illogical as you accuse those who differ with you of behaving.

    • ace5ace says:

      Well, Mikey, you and me are enemies, it would seem. Any requirement to jump through any hoop to exercise our God-given rights – is an infringement.

      Your argument wreaks of self-delusion and/or willful ignorance.
      Or, an agenda…

      My behavior is very civil vs what is being forced on us.
      Are you from the government? Or, a teacher, maybe?

  2. LOLOL – I’m an x-ray tech, and I raise guide dogs for the blind. You couldn’t get much further from the gubmint. I’ve helped doctors for years, and seen too many of the wrong people who got shot by accident, by family members and by accident. I think things should and could be safer than they are, and I think it’s not impossible to keep some guns out of the wrong hands.

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