The War on (Islamic) Terror Is Over

So, who would be considered to be the terrorist the government is preparing for and training to kill?

US Government Attacks Branch Davidians, Waco, TX

The US government would not attack US citizens, would they?    Probably not.  Would the US government attack US subjects?  Absolutely.  They have already done it, in Texas.   More specifically, Waco, TX.  That answers the question of whether US soldiers will fire on US  citizens.

Don’t forget Ruby Ridge, where Randy Weaver’s family was murdered, in cold blood.   And, take a look at the WWII hero’s that participated against the Bonus Army veterans, from WWI.

Now consider the newer definitions of terrorist:

DHS Says Gun Owners Are Terrorists

MIAC Report: Ron Paul Supporters Labeled Domestic Terrorists?

Do not forget the Mexican border that runs from Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to California.   It was not just left open.  Security along the border was purposely degraded.  Why are Border Patrol agents punished for doing their job?

Why does the government import people from Haiti, Somalia and other countries?   Why are most of these government imports predominately muslim?  Why does the government support them, with your tax dollars?

Why is the government buying two billion hollow point bullets, which are against the Geneva convention? SEVERAL AMMO PURCHASES

Why is the government buying all these new uniforms? UNIFORM PURCHASE

Why is the government buying all these armored vehicles? VEHICLE PURCHASE

Why do they authorize drones to kill US citizens? Why would your own government want to hunt you down? Or, control your health and health care?

Does a national park being designated a green area severely restrict your access? This is a pdf file where the green plan for national parks, starts on pg. 235:

The plaque reads “New World Airport Commission”

Why does the Denver International Airport (DIA) have a plaque designating it as a New World Order airport?


The Blue Ridge Parkway is under UNESCO as an International Biosphere Reserve. Most of the land around the road and right of way is private and also falls under UNESCO. Many of the attractions off the Blue Ridge like Grandfather Mountain and Linville Falls have also joined under UNESCO.

Look around where you are. Look for ‘Posted’ signs on property. You may notice a slight difference when the land falls under UNESCO. There is a little circle in the bottom corner that says UNESCO.

Then, we have the SPLC, which functions as a policy making organization. Their policies, their business. Until their policies become government policies.  That happens, all too often.   SPLC: Time for Patriot Militia Crackdowns ‘

Is it getting easier to connect the dots of current events?
Why does it seem that so pitifully few are able to do that…


‘The War on (Islamic) Terror Is Over’

Apr 23, 2012


In the wake of the Arab Spring, the Obama administration is grappling with how to handle Islamists, radical adherents to Islam. Particularly, the issue has come to the fore in regards to Egypt, which, as Reuel Marc Gerecht notes, “is now certain” to elect “an Islamist” as its leaders the next time the Egyptian people go to the polls.

But some in the Obama administration are now seeing things differently.

The war on terror is over,” a senior official in the State Department official tells the National Journal. “Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”


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