Mom, Dad, We Hate You

Pay attention. John paints a bleak picture as he weaves a number of subtle and not so subtle attacks on our society and the world at large.

He points out some very real and serious risks that most people will not want to acknowledge.


Mom, Dad, We Hate You

by John Galt
March 4, 2013


On Bloomberg Television last week, legendary investor Stan Druckenmiller issued this dire warning:

“Don’t let your grandparents steal your money”

The video of the interview paints a very stark picture of the future, and sadly tells the tale of what is about to happen to the U.S. economy:

Thus the theme of the next years to come between the evil of the Obamacare laws and regulations which shall impact every American citizen be they elderly or newborn, unborn or ill, that the shape of our society will change for decades to come. Yet the new call, as the IPAB’s (Independent Payment Advisory Boards) are being designed to make life and death decisions for citizens of all ages, the youth are enslaved to a student loan program which makes them indentured servants to the Federal government, the next phase of the program which duplicates the mistakes of history in our past, just seventy years ago shall be repeated.

The first thing the average American will be taught is to become angry, to hate their mothers and fathers for stealing form their future. Why?

The numbers, as Mr. Druckenmiller points out do not lie.

Social Security benefits are on a parabolic course which is unsustainable as the funds were improperly allocated by our political elites for over fifty years leading to a bankrupt system dependent on non-existent  plus annualized rates of economic growth of 5% or more:


Please click the link to see the complete article.

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