(7 year old) Student suspended for shaping Pop-Tart into gun

Beware teachers and school administrators. Public educators are more like indoctrinators, these days.

There is some consensus that this “teacher’s” action was Aversion Therapy, in real time.
From Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aversion_therapy

Aversion therapy is a form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed to a stimulus while simultaneously being subjected to some form of discomfort. This conditioning is intended to cause the patient to associate the stimulus with unpleasant sensations in order to stop the specific behavior.

Every time this is done, a whole classroom, or school full of kids and parents are conditioned to associate bad things with guns. It is meant to become an unreasoning, visceral reaction.

Extrapolate that to a city, a state and a nation.

Remember Eric Holder saying:

“We just have to be repetitive about this. It’s not enough to have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday. We have to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

A famous version of this was the Ludovico Technique used in “A Clockwork Orange”.

Public education has but one purpose and it is not to educate. It’s goal is to destroy your dignity as a human being and render you docile enough, entering adulthood, that you will not disrupt the smooth operation of the employment-taxation system that we call “corporate government”.


(7 year old) Student suspended for shaping Pop-Tart into gun

By Krista Hostetler
CREATED Mar. 3, 2013


Baltimore, MD (KTNV) — A student in Baltimore was suspended over breakfast.

7-year-old Josh Welch was eating a Pop-Tart at school. A teacher saw the pastry and said she thought it looked like it was being shaped into a gun.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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4 Responses to (7 year old) Student suspended for shaping Pop-Tart into gun

  1. Language Arts Teacher says:

    That punishment may have been a bit extreme, but we live in different times. The kid should have been disciplined to correct his/her behavior. Suspension, ehhhhh a bit much. Perhaps a one on one conversation about why or how he can correct his behavior. Aversion? You really think it’s okay for guns to be desired by 7 year olds? Yup, they play with them, but when they do, it’s at home. Some things aren’t appropriate for school. I can admit the school probably overreacted, but it doesn’t mean they infringed on your 2nd amendment.

    • ace5ace says:

      Hello, Mr. Sye, I presume?
      It seems that you do not know what you don’t know.
      This is not about guns. Not in the least. It is about control.

      Have you ever heard the term: “dumbed down”? No offense intended, but you epitomize the term. You dutifully learned what you were taught.

      You would do well to learn some accurate history beyond that which you were taught. Do you have the capacity for critical thinking? That is doubtful, as you must have the capacity to look at facts and then draw conclusions. The teaching of critical thinking skills has been almost entirely removed from the educational system, from top to bottom, since a long time back.

      You and I are diametrically opposed, at every level. I have no respect for anyone with a teacher’s degree, even as I acknowledge that you are a created fiction. You know nothing of the damage done to you, nor the damage you do to your own students, as your comment demonstrates.

      Case in point: You used the term Aversion? without comprehension or context. May be that you were just pressed for time…

      You can take this reply as a challenge to learn what you do not know. Or, you can take it as a personal attack. I don’t care, as the time for being polite is over. You do sound stupid, though.

      This site is a good place to start. Start from the beginning and you will learn some terms that you probably have never heard, before.

      Just be aware that the task will not be an easy one and you have to be willing to let the truth shine. I find no truth in liberals. They are contemptible and repugnant.

      I’ve shown you something different from what you were taught.
      It is up to you, what you do with it, from here on…

      The kid did nothing wrong. The object was a pop-tart.
      He was persecuted, for eating food.

      That so-called “teacher” is an unAmerican change-agent and possibly a communist… If you are also a communist, pound sand. Sincerely.

      • Language Arts Teacher says:

        LoL, I knew what aversion meant. I meant it as a question. For example, you really think that is aversion? You obtained everything I stand for out of that little reply I left? If you’re completely opposed to everything I stand for, what’s the point? Good luck, buddy…

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