The Downward Spiral and Perspective

The Downward Spiral and Perspective

Experts Agree - Gun Control Works

Hopefully, this will provide you with a framework in which to view our current situation – our Current Events.

If you are not keenly aware of current events, this could upset your apple cart.

You may be like most of us, a victim of public education.  Public education has only one purpose and it is not to educate. It’s goal is to destroy your dignity as a human being and render you docile as you enter adulthood, that you will not disrupt the smooth operation of the employment-taxation system that we call “corporate government”.

When you see things in perspective, they often become self-evident and begin to make sense.  It is not unusual to change your world-view, when you have a proper perspective.  Things become so obvious.  If you find yourself in agreement with this perspective, you will never look at a movie or tv program the same.  Not even sports or the weather report.  And, certainly not the advertisements.  From all media.

The larger frame of reference:

Abe Lincoln conducted the War of Northern Aggression, that killed the US.  It was never about slavery, as there were more white slaves than colored.  Lincoln’s big success was the death of the US Constitution…  State’s Rights.

The Federal Reserve (1913 – the current version) is the Creature from Jekyll Island, that G. Edward Griffin wrote about.  You can learn a lot about the Federal Reserve, from this book.  This is the Fed’s 100 year anniversary.

NAFTA started the dismantling phase, in the USA, in 1994, under Bill Clinton.

The liquidation phase started in August-September 2008. This phase was where the globalists really started aggressively stealing the money and transferring liabilities to the tax payer.  Private profits, social losses.  This will continue until there is little left to steal.

The 2008 financial “crisis” was in fact, an accelerated theft of all your money, all your assets and all your future.  And, that of your descendants, as well.  It was the physical taking of your birthright, your legacy and your heritage.  You no longer own your own person.

The globalists started stealing the retirement funds of federal employees, in 2011, similar to the way they took Social Security funds.
The private pensions, 401Ks, IRAs, etc, are expected to be extracted via the market.

They are using your own labor to grind you down.  The globalists are grinding your wage rate down to the lowest, global rate.  The local police are the enforcers that enslave themselves, along with the citizenry.  There is not a day that goes by, that the local, state and federal enforcers are not engaged in the task of enforcing unconstitutional laws, against law abiding citizens.  What the citizens do not know, is that the rule of law is non-existant.  All we have are a bunch of rules passed by a bunch of puppets.  An unconstitutional law ain’t no law at all.

Technology transfers go along with the lower, global wage rate.  Recall China’s acquisition of missle guidance technology?  Are you familiar with the new Silk Road?  Transportation of natural resources, including drugs, and other raw materials needed for productive applications.  Then, finished goods to markets.  Have you noitced that Iran now has their own drones?  What is happening in Mali, right now?  Are we going to build infrastructure so that China can monetize the natural resources in Africa?  Then, ship finished goods to market?

The Downward Spiral was submitted to Zero Hedge, by John Aziz of Azizonomics blog.
John notes the breakdown in the correlation between the level of government borrowing and interest rates, sometime around Y2K.  He indicates that this “was an early warning sign that the markets were filled with distortions.”  He mentions other warnings signs, as well.

John misses the boat, though, in that he fails to see or at least acknowledge the agenda, and his role as a failed citizen.  Along with the rest of us that will have no voice in rebuilding anything.

A ‘Minsky Moment’ is the crisis stage of the boom-bust credit cycle.  John notes that we hit the Minsky Moment, in 2008, from which we are now deleveraging.  There are basically five stages in Minsky’s model of the credit cycle: displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking, and panic.

The agenda of today is the most sophisticated and dangerous in history.  It will be the most deadly, because the globalists have learned from history.  We haven’t.  And, they are patient.  We are not.  That patience works to discredit the watchmen who would give warning, as they can not know the timing of the globalist perpetrators, nor the many devious tricks, feints, frauds or deceptions.

There were quite a few people warning of the implosion to come, in 2007.  Some watchmen were warning of the risk and dangers in 2005, and some even earlier.

It seems that few people paid attention to the warnings, due to a busy life, normalcy bias and timing issues.  Thus, the watchmen are perceived as lacking credibility.  Never mind that their conclusions were right, modern man lacks time, understanding and the capacity for critical thinking.  The news, the weather, the game or something, is always on the TV.  But, seldom anything of any import.

We are at a similar juncture, today.  There is not a market in the Western world that is not manipulated.  Just about every economy on the global playing field, is on the verge of, if not actually in a worsening disaster situation.

This is not coincidental.  It is not accidental.  There is an evil agenda playing out, in broad daylight, like nothing that has come before.  Throughout history, genocidal atrocities provide examples of what government is capable of, in the name of marxism, fascism, communism, capitalism, religion, diversity, deregulation, safety or the children.  Never mind the roughly 60 million abortions since Roe v Wade.

One issue to consider, is abnormally low interest rates.

Here is what Jim Willie has to say:

As much as the mavens and official barkers recite the benefits of low rates and its stimulus, the exact opposite is the case. Worse, the low rates signify low value for capital. They therefore distort the financial markets on valuation of a broad assortment of assets. But the worst effect that renders deep damage to the USEconomy from low interest rates is the encouraged diversion of assets toward investment in commodities in defense, as a hedge for inflation. The migration toward commodities lifts the entire cost structure, and reduces the profit margins for business. The effect is deadly as it forces capital in the form of equipment and machinery into retirement. Business segments shut down. The low rate environment kills capital, reduces the capital base, and smothers the USEconomy. Not one in ten economists comprehends this basic point.

Not one in ten economists comprehends this basic point.  But, you can bet that the Fed knows.
Low interest rates are no accident.

Somewhat spuriously quoting Thomas Jefferson:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…  I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

The Federal Reserve is a private bank and we have arrived.  The Fed is reportedly insolvent and powerless, except for their ability to provide liquidity by running their printers.  And their computers.  Computers are the best invention ever, for “creating” money out of thin air, backed by nothing more than your faith in their system.

The Fed will likely fail.  This may be the third one.  They are buying deadly toxic assets from their big bank pets, to the tune of $85 billion, per month.  When the Fed does fail, it would not be unreasonable to wager that the government will nationalize it.  In 2008, the government nationalized GM, Chrysler and AIG.  So, there is precedent for the government to take over private companies, to trample the US Constitution, to break US laws and regulations, and to basically follow the agenda, regardless of the consequences.

There have been many banking and banking/brokerage related failures.  This is a way to steal and consolidate assets.  It is called privatizing profits and socializing losses.  In other words, the bankers keep all the profits, including their ill-gotten gains, while the government absorbs all the losses, in the name of the tax payers – the citizens.  Inflation is another way to steal and consolidate assets, that “not one man in a million can understand.”  Such is the power that comes from controlling the money of a country, a continent or a world.

Recall a few failures:
LTCM – Long Term Capital Management – Failed September 1998
REFCO – R. E. Friedrichs Company – Failed October 2005
Bear Stearns – Failed in March 2008
Lehman Brothers – Failed September 2008
MF Global – Failed October 2011
PFGBest – Peregrine Financial Group – Failed July 2012

Morgan Stanley may be set up, right now, to be the next big failure that privatizes profits and socializes losses.  Recall that JPM bought Bear Stearns in 2008.  They were also active in other situations, including Lehman Brothers.

Rehypothication is a term you should be aware of, if you desire to play in any of the rigged games such as the stock or commodities markets, or any market where someone else holds your cash and assets.

Basically, it means that any assets you allow another to maintain for you, is not yours while in their possession.  Those assets are no longer segregated and your assets are at risk for serving as the collateral for the gambling debts of your trustee.

You are one of your financial institution’s Counter Parties, according to the Volcker Rule, which was part of the Dodd-Frank regulatory reforms that passed, after the financial crisis of 2008-09.  Note that there has been no recovery.

Barry Ritholtz discusses rehypothication and counter party risk, what he calls “the dirty little secret of modern banking”, on February 15, 2012:

So, if you don’t hold in, in your own hands, you don’t own it.  That applies to any kind of paper asset.

Do you think you own property?  Where, on your deed, are you listed as the owner?  Are you not listed as either Tenants in Common, Joint Tenants or Tenancy by the Entirety?  Those are legal terms, you know?  What happens if you fail to pay your property rent, err, property taxes?

We’re all exposed in the target zone, at the firing range. If you’re still standing, count yourself lucky, as you are part of the 77% that still has a job. But, look around. You will not have to look far, to see lots of casualties.

The global economy is run through an economic manifold of central banks, with each country pumped up to the point of popping. The safety valve, popped in 2008. This event is also referred to as the detonator that sets off the real blast, that is yet to occur.  It feels as if the real blast is popping, right now, notwithstanding the next paragraph.

A better analogy would be that there will be no real blast.  No sudden and unmistakable event that will capture everyone’s attention.
It is a process of measured contractions.

It is one thing if your neighbor sinks.  When it is you and yours, then it is personal and undeniable.
This is what breaks Normalcy Bias.

Now, it seems that all countries are primed to pop, almost simultaneously.  This includes China.  Their official reports are no more believable than those of the US.  Canada was a little late to the party, but they have their issues, as well.  There are reports of riots in Quebec, in late February, 2013.  I haven’t heard the cause(s).

The Just in Time (JIT) distribution system is flawed and fragile.  There are no stored commodities, anywhere in this country.  Weather has been used as a weapon, since the mid-1960s.  There is no more than 3 days worth of food stuffs in Walmart’s distribution system.  Nothing is stored at the store.  The store inventory is all stored on the shelf.

Inflation is picking up, but we ain’t seen nothing, yet.  There is real risk that most of us will be unable to pay for gasoline, rents/mortgages, electricity and all the things that make life comfortable.

People do not know how to function and survive life as it was in 1950, much less life as it was on November 15, 1864, when William Tecumseh Sherman ordered the burning of Atlanta.

Our fuse is burning, and there is no stopping it.
There is no place to hide.
Do you think you will participate in rebuilding from the ashes?
How?  There is a good chance that you will have died well before any rebuilding.
You have no voice, no power and no property rights.
All of your rights under the Constitution are being oppressed, every hour of every day.

We are a failed citizenry. A failed citizen is subjugated.
A subject has no voice, no power and no property rights.
The only rights you have, are those you are willing to fight, kill and die for.

You own no more than you can carry, and defend.  Not even your own person.
What will a hungry man do, as he watches his family starve?

A few issues for your further research and study:
TSA groping, Abortion, NDAA (Indefinite Detention of US Citizens + more), NDRP (National Defense Resources Preparedness), Patriot Act, Quantitative Easing; Drones; Government Health Care; Gun Control; NWO; NAFTA; CAFTA; GATT; United Nations; Homeland Security; Foreign Aid; Bailouts; The Fed; Man-made Global Warming; Cap And Trade; Illegal Aliens; CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) providers sharing Internet traffic information with the government; Murder of US citizens without trial; Domestic wiretapping; USDA; EPA; and oh so much more…

There are no easy answers.  The best you can do is to identify the risks and threats, as best you can.
Then, do your best to prepare for what is in motion, right now.
Here is a start:  Spend nothing that is not necessary.

At the least, the hope is that this piece will give you a new perspective in which to view this site.


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