Wal-Mart Situation “Getting Worse” New Leaks Reveal

This is symptomatic of a couple of issues that are somewhat related.

The fed has been directly monetizing the US debt, which led to inflationary forces being exported, in the form of trade dollars.   See the Charts page for debt levels.

The Chinese either have halted or in the process of halting their purchase of US Treasuries. Between the Yuan appreciating and the devaluation of the US dollar, due to the fed printing so much money, the US dollars flowing into China are worth less and goods flowing from China cost more.

So, fewer ways to recycle those trade dollars back to the US, makes the US dollar an unwanted commodity and they are beginning to return home, along with inflation.

This is just another indication that the US dollar is already dead, as indicated in an earlier post. The price increases you have seen, so far, is only the beginning.

Inflation is going to accelerate beyond anything witnessed in recent history, except for maybe Zimbabwe. Did you see that Zimbabwe note, on the lower right side of this page?

This was posted on February 15, 2013:  Wal-Mart Says February Sales “Total Disaster”, Worst Monthly Start Since 2006; Stock Drops

JC Penney retail sales are also reportedly down 30% year over year.

There are concerns about the Just in Time (JIT) distribution system. The economy seems to be crumbling in broad daylight, now. This could lead to corporate failures and runs on various suppliers, which could severely reduce food, medicines and gasoline, as well as most other consumer items.  Capital equipment will not escape the carnage.

This Zerohedge article from from July 14, 2012, could explain what is happening to Wal-mart.

“Trade-Off”: A Study In Global Systemic Collapse

At the end of the article,  is a link to this pdf file, entitled:

“Trade-Off”: A Study In Global Systemic Collapse

History is replete with fiat currency failures. None have ever survived.

We are seeing the consequences of an intentionally mismanaged nation.

Our time seems to be running out…


Wal-Mart Situation “Getting Worse” New Leaks Reveal

Submitted by Tyler Durden


Two weeks ago, Wal-Mart stunned the world [4] when a leaked memo discloses that February sales had been a “total disaster” and the company was facing the worst February start since 2006.

Today, Bloomberg’s deep throat   [5] in Bentonville strikes again, as a new leak emerges. “Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT), already struggling to woo shoppers constrained by higher taxes, is ““getting worse” at keeping shelves stocked, the retailer’s U.S. chief told executives, according to minutes of an officers’ meeting obtained by Bloomberg News. “We run out quickly and the new stuff doesn’t come in,” U.S. Chief Executive Officer Bill Simon said, according to the minutes of the Feb. 1 meeting.

Simon called “self-inflicted wounds” Wal-Mart’s “biggest risk” and said an executive vice president had been appointed to fix the restocking problem, according to the minutes.”

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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