Troops Not Getting Sufficient Food, in Afghanistan

This is from a first hand account of a many whose Army son was recently deployed to Afghanistan.  This is current, but this has happened before under Jimmy Carter and GW Bush.

Is it different, this time?  There are some concerns about our troops being stranded, with no way home.

Their unit isn’t getting morning chow, even though they are at one of the permanent bases.

There are other reports of a similar nature, so this is likely a wide-spread problem.

A report from late January 2013, was about a young marine that was to be deployed,, somewhere, but his deployment has been canceled – due to lack of funding.

Another report indicates that training is being curtailed, including flight time for pilots and reserve/guard unit training, as well. There is also an aircraft carrier
that has had its deployment to the Persian Gulf delayed, due to lack of money.

Here is an NPR story.   This is in no way an endorsement of NPR.

Another story:

If this angers you, do not even think about taking to the streets of DC.  The Bonus Army tried that…

American Forces Press released official information from the Department of Defense to debunk an internet rumor about troops in Afghanistan no longer being served a hot breakfast.

This is not a rumor.  It is a first-hand account.


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