The Pig With The Most Lipstick

You must look at the Facts to Connect the Dots and Draw your Conclusions.
Opinion does not count.
Timing is the most difficult thing to get right.
Particularly when there is an opponent pushing a multi-dimensional agenda, that will use lies, deception, theft, fraud and slight of hand to serve its purpose.
As inadvisable as it would be to say that that time is nigh, the warning signs are out there that that is exactly the case.


The Pig With The Most Lipstick

By Jeff Thomas
February 18, 2013



We have certainly all perceived that we are presently in the eye of an economic hurricane (as Doug Casey so aptly describes this period), and we have been waiting to exit the eye into the second half of the hurricane – the half that will bring the greatest destruction. As inadvisable as it would be to say that that time is nigh, the warning signs are out there that that is exactly the case. Until the end of 2012, the economic decline has been characterised by one governmental abuse after another, but we are now, for the first time, seeing those individuals who are highly connected showing that they are heading for the exit doors of a system that, until recently, they described as “sound.”

Advisors Jumping Ship


As in 1929, But Worse

It may well be that the long-awaited other side of the hurricane is about to arrive. It would be well to remember that this is the way it played out in 1929. The Buffets, Soroses, and Paulsons of their day claimed that all was well, right until the point when they, themselves, headed for the exit doors.

But, this time around it will all happen more quickly than in 1929. Today, with the internet, everything is likely to happen very fast. Panic is an emotion that is, above all, unpredictable. There will be overnight panics that we can predict in advance, but there will also be overnight panics that will be beyond all reason – random occurrences that somehow go viral, and, when they happen, they will be a surprise to everyone.

There are likely to be events that we have been predicting, but, in addition, we may well see a veritable flock of black swans from out of the blue.

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