Jim Willie: Fever Pitched Currency War & USDollar Rejection in 2013

Signs that the Dollar is already dead:
  1.   Feb 2012, China, Japan trade agreement, without the USDollar
  2.   Sept 7, 2012, China Russia agree to trade without the USDollar.
  3.   China, Brazil agreement on currency swap.
  4.   China, Australia trade without the USDollar.
  5.    India, Japan will trade without the USDollar.
  6.    China, India buy oil from Iran, without the Dollar.
  7.    Iran, Russia will trade without the USDollar.
  8.   China, United Arab Emirates (UAE) trade  without the USDollar.
  9.   China, South Africa trade without the USDollar.
  10.   September 6, 2012, China will buy oil from any country that accepts payment in Chinese money.
  11. Russia will sell China oil, without USDollar.

The USDollar is already dead and is coming home.
It is not wanted, around the world.  This will lead to financial ruin for US citizens, via hyper-inflation.

How would you prepare for what is coming?


Jim Willie: Fever Pitched Currency War
& USDollar Rejection in 2013

By Jim Willie, GoldenJackass.com
February 7, 2013


The Competing Currency War threatens to disrupt international relations
The year 2013 will be the year when the USDollar is isolated and set up for rejection
A return to the Gold Standard is in the works. 
The key to the solution is a USDollar alternative, actually trade settlement outside the USD
A Gold Trade Note is coming, the basis of Eastern trade, serving as a Letter of Credit
Watch for a G-20 Meeting flash point, especially if the US & UK boycott the conference in Moscow beware the requiem for the US nation.

Friend of gold Jim Sinclair, and executive to a mining firm with interests in Tanzania, put it so well. He captures the theme of this article when he said, “It is the constant drop in the dollar’s usage as a contract mechanism internationally. No one sees this but it is the Hammer of Thor on the head of the dollar.”  The rejection of the USDollar in global trade will mean the end of the abused privilege in a currency turned toxic. Its rejection is the marquee event in the financial world for 2013, following isolation. It is unstoppable and all-encompassing, certain to have geopolitical consequences, as it alters the economic and financial landscape in harsh ways much like a band of violent marauders brandishing machetes alter the neckline of their victims. See the Tonton Macoute in Haiti. The greenback is cornered; it is done!

The central bankers and sovereign wealth fund managers are running scared. The Official Monetary & Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) is a forum of central banks, sovereign funds, financial policy makers, and market participants. It recently issued a report on the global monetary system, emphasizing the possibility of a major breakdown in international monetary relations as a result of the currency wars, which hinder productivity. It accepts that the present system is collapsing. It argues a formal role for gold is required to play in international finance. But they turn to the despised corrupt savage callous Intl Monetary Fund, and its broken currency vehicle, the discredited discarded SDR basket. They will be swept aside despite eyes partly open.

The opponents to financial hegemony have spent the last four years in planning a new order that can viably sustain the global trade system without a USDollar at its central role. On one side, foreign nations must avoid the toxic effect of the asset bubble USTreasury Bond as the core to their banking systems. On the other side, foreign nations must react to the accelerating threat to their national economies from both a uniform cost inflation effect and a rising currency effect that punishes strength, success, and prudence. The Competing Currency War has reached a new elevated fever pitch, with the major central banks delivering powerful damage to each other while defending themselves. The unintended consequences have been a predictable unfolding of events to the sound money gold crowd, with years of warning and even a label given to the conflict. It comes as an unwelcome surprise to the mainstream sheeple crowd, still entangled in the paper wealth corner. The process continues, the pathogenesis relentless as paper securities erode in value. The world is slowly coming to the realization that only a Gold Standard can cure the world of its financial cancer from metastasized paper insecurities. The contact of Silver will cleanse the hand that has held paper since 1971, when the era of modern chronic unsolvable financial crisis was born. That is, unsolvable without a primary role for Gold itself, the despised stable metal. Gold is the ultimate currency.


So the Jackass call is that 2013 will see the USDollar finally isolated and put in a position for rejection. It might not suffer a sudden death, but it will be corralled after being identified as the toxic agent flowing within the global financial arteries. However, the quarantine will be conducted in an extraordinarily clever fashion. Since the United States and United Kingdom, with its loyal court of followers in Western Europe, control the global banking system, the sovereign bond system, and the FOREX currency system, even the commodity markets including Gold & Silver, the solution had to be loaded with innovation if not guile. The alternative to the USDollar as a solution had to be formulated and planned as a counter-attack, but done so outside the oversized pockets of strength where the Anglo bankers ply their trade and controls. As many trade partners have been public about their objectives, when two parties come together to conduct trade, no rational reason can dictate that the USDollar should be used as a vehicle to settle trade, when both parties are located halfway across the globe. The New York and London bankster crowd cannot dictate Gold’s new role, when their vaulted gold supplies are being vacated to points in Asia, when their vault contents are demanded in official accounts for return, when their past gold shipments have been contaminated with tungsten. These banksters are being outed as criminals.

The end to US & UK hegemony is coming. It will arrive like a grand lasso cast around the set of trade partners seeking a fair system. Their proffered solutions will be ignored, like the QE lunacy in the United States and the ESM lunacy in Europe, both discredited totally. The IMF will not play a role in the next chapter. The irony is thick and inescapable. If the Anglo bankers insist on NOT considering, using, and relying upon Gold as a currency of utmost validity, robustness, and strength, then the rest of the world will devise a system for trade settlement that will evolve toward gold itself. The settlement of trade will not therefore pass through either the banking system or the currency marts. The solution will come in global trade that no longer requires the USDollar, but rather a simpler system where value is perceived more clearly, where the two participants will transact as peers, where payments will not rely upon the big banks, where the ignored super currency Gold is the basis. The deceptions of paper-based IOUs will be averted. The corruption in the banker shell games will be cast aside. The USDollar will be isolated, ignored, shunned, then put to death by the Americans themselves during its uncontrollable fever.

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