Georgia police acquired $200 million worth of military-grade vehicles and weapons through DoD

What does a police state look like? Equipment like this is just one example. The conversation with a cop is a one-way street. They do not want to answer any questions from you. And, most are ignorant of the US Constitution.
You can also be too smart to be hired as an enforcement officer.  What you see on the street stems from legislation > policy > selection > training > discipline. They simply hire those that will follow orders, without question. All others are out of luck. It is all part of the hiring process.
There are Federal police to watch out for the interests of the Federal government. There are State police to watch out for the interests of the state governments. There are county police to watch out for the interests of the county governments. There are city police to watch out for the interests of the city governments. There are NO police to watch out for the interests of the people.
The cops who arrest you, work for the STATE, the prosecutors who prosecute you, work for the STATE, the attorney who represents you, is licensed by the STATE, the judge who oversees the court room, works for the STATE.
It’s not called the “JUST US” system for nothing…
They all work for the same boss = the STATE – and it’s in their best interest to nail the citizens to the wall. It secures their very being.
Remember this…it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to “SERVE” you, while they simultaneously “POLICE” you.
So, who are you going to trust to protect you, or even to save your life?
When the government fears the citizen, there is peace.
When the citizen fears the government, there is tyranny.

Georgia police acquired $200 million worth
of military-grade vehicles and weapons through DoD

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some 600 police departments and sheriff’s offices in Georgia have joined the many law enforcement agencies nationwide using military-grade equipment, once again raising concerns around local law enforcement’s need for such heavy duty weaponry.

As I reported in 2011, the Pentagon gives away military equipment to law enforcement agencies under the 1033 program in addition to military robots provided by the Department of Defense, police use of armored surveillance vehicles provided for nearly nothing by corporations, law enforcement use of tanks and armored personnel carriers and drones.

According to Georgia’s Department of Public Safety, the military equipment and weaponry owned by law enforcement agencies in the state is worth some $200 million, some of which is possessed by tiny departments with less than 20 officers.

In an attempt to justify this militarization, Bloomingdale Police Chief Roy Pike told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “officers ‘are armed to meet any threat,’ so criminals should just stay away.”


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