Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?

This fellow may be on to something …or, not. I am aware, but I do not do the numbers. I also pay no attention to no sport, no time. Last year’s super bowl was loaded with occult images and actions.
And, it does seem that the globalists are bound by some sort of a code, to make the people aware of their intent. Regardless of the people’s ability to figure it out.
Recall the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises (2012)?  Sandy Hook was referenced on a map.  There was also a scene of a football stadium being blown up.  So, heads up…

Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?

by Joe
January 29, 2013



 Probably the only harm from next

 Sunday’s Super Bowl will be

 indigestion and gambling debts; 
 but a reader has noticed some
 disturbing omens. 

Something sinister is
coming Feb. 3rd”

by Joe

This will be the first Super Bowl held in New Orleans since Hurricane

The address of the Super Dome is 330 [33] Loyola Ave. This is
the 47th Super Bowl [4+7=11] held on 2-3-13 [2+3+1+3=9]=9-11.

The regional covers of Sports Illustrated are titled: There will be Blood
and There Will be Gore and There Will Be a Valiant Last Stand.

The music used in the Mercedes commercial played during the A.F.C.
Championship Game was the Rolling Stones song, Sympathy for the Devil
and in the Mercedes commercial it is stated: Something sinister is
coming Feb. 3rd.

The half time show will showcase the singer Beyonce
who dates Jay Z [the illuminist]. Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem at
the Presidential Inauguration of 2013. Beyonce will perform with her
former group “Destinies Child.” The song they will sing is titled
“Nuclear”; their sophomore album was titled “The Writing’s on the

This may be the most watched Super Bowl ever considering the
historic first of two brothers facing each other as coaches, John and Jim

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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