What is it with the attraction of flies?

Some say this is the mark of Satan.  Then, there are the rats, shown below.

Barack Obama provides landing pad for fly

Saturday 26 January 2013
By Raf Sanchez, Washington
11:24PM GMT 24 Jan 2013
A fly lands between Barack Obama’s eyes as he speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington. Photo: REUTERS

The buzzing insect stole the show as the President announced two new members of his second administration, cutting wild loops around the leader of the free world before landing squarely on his forehead.

The official White House transcript simply reads: “This guy is bothering me here – (swatting at a fly.)”

Meanwhile, the pool report which describes the President’s movements throughout the day noted that “the president spoke for about five minutes while being menaced by a house fly”.

It wasn’t the first time Mr Obama has shared camera time with a fly. In June 2009, the newly-elected president dealt some tough justice to one which interrupted an interview.

Please click the link to see the complete article and videos.

Found the rat:



Here are a couple of videos with some clues.



There are some out-takes in this one….



Now, here is senator Obama also attracting flies but the interviewer is not bothered.



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