The Entrance To The Second Phase Of The Gold Market Ascendancy

This should give you food for thought, whether you understand inflation, or not.
Jim makes reference to the inflationary experiences of Weimar Republic of Germany and Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia) in South Africa.
This is Jim’s conclusion.  Please visit his site for the complete article.


The Entrance To The Second Phase
Of The Gold Market Ascendancy

Jim Sinclair
January 22, 2013

Because the dollar is a reserve currency by default (which means they have it already and are presently in position by historical acts) the potential snowball effect could ignite an inflation that will later be known as currency induced cost push inflation, which is a derivative of hyperinflation.

I anticipate that this is exactly what will happen propelling gold to new record heights starting no later than midyear this year and running into 2017. I am sure that this operation to keep a lid on gold is based on those that know what herein is outlined. The second phase of the long term bull market in gold should move faster and higher than any previous experience.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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