Surviving Zimbabwe’s runaway inflation

Missouri is the ShowMe State. If you don’t believe we will experience anything like hyper-inflation, don’t worry about it. No need to worry about something you can’t see… Right?
So, how do you cope without water and electricity?

Surviving Zimbabwe’s runaway inflation

BBC News
14 February 2007
A woman shopping for bread in a supermarket

Bread is now so expensive that only the rich can afford to eat it

A Zimbabwean student, who asked to remain anonymous, told the BBC News website how she copes with living in a country with runaway inflation.

According to official figures, Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate now stands at 1593% – the world’s highest.

The cost of absolutely everything in Zimbabwe has gone up. I am a student and my bus to the campus has trebled in price in the last two months. The cost of a meal has increased tenfold.

Most people have had to remove bread, milk, meat and eggs from their daily diets as these things are just too expensive now.

The implications of this rise in inflation are very serious. What it really means is the poor are getting even poorer.

In the last year, my school fees have quadrupled

Conditions are quite unbelievable as they are. People live in shacks if they are lucky, many simply live on the streets.

In the last year, my school fees have quadrupled. I know I am blessed, I am one of the lucky ones as I can still afford to go.

The atmosphere at university is one of support. We are very close and we help each other. Many people have been forced to leave because of this price rise but we all pull together and donate money so our friends can continue with their studies.

Education is a big problem in this country. The cost of basic secondary education has soared. Many young people have no choice but to drop out. It is very sad, there are no jobs for them to take up when they leave. Life is bleak.

Out of control

Daily life is enormously affected by this inflation. The cost of electricity, fuel and water is now out of control.

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