Unpluggig the world’s sick man: last impact phase of the global systemic crisis

After the financial crisis of August and September of 2008, I entered a state of shock and panic. There was no question that there were some very dark clouds over the US. The question was one of history repeating, or something worse.
So, I went looking for answers to refute or validate what I thought I was seeing, and I found them. There was no question that there was nothing to be found in the major news and information sources.
Rush Limbaugh was doing his thing, parsing words. But, he did not seem to know anything about the bigger issues. That was disappointing, for a ditto-head that became a regular listener, from the first time I heard him. It was even more disappointing when I learned that he was on the wrong side of some key issues, such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and the Patriot Act, as well as other issues, many of which I can’t even recall. . .


I think it was 2003 or 2004, when Sean Hannity lost me, when it became clear that he was owned by Rudy Giuliani. That, and the fact that he seemed to be a broken record, even then.
So, the legacy, main stream and traditional news and information sources were not only not doing their job, they seemed to be controlled. What is worse, is that they are controlled by forces that have no checks and balances… And, it really is just that ugly.
In November or December of 2008, I stumbled across a link to the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, Leap 2020. They were saying things that nobody else was saying and things began to make sense, like never before.


There have been some changes since I first found them. I was unable to access their monthly report, for a while, due to the lack of a paid subscription. Now, it seems there is a free version available, again.
I’m not so sure that they like us Americans, so much. But, they do seem to hit hard, with truth and facts. I highly recommend you take a look at their All about GEAB page: http://www.leap2020.eu/Everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-GEAB_r28.html.


GEAB N°71 is available! United States, March-June 2013 –
Unpluggig the world’s sick man:
last impact phase of the global systemic crisis

– Public announcement GEAB N°71 (January 16, 2013) –

GEAB N°71 is available!  United States, March-June 2013 –  Unpluggig the world’s sick man:  last impact phase of the global systemic crisis

Until now the course of the crisis has been accurately described according to the five phases identified by our team from May 2006 (GEAB n°5) and completed in February 2009 (GEAB n°32): release, acceleration, impact, decanting and global geopolitical dislocation, the last two stages developing simultaneously. In the last issues and in particular the GEAB n°70 (December 2012), we commented extensively on the ongoing processes of the two last phases, a decantation from which the world-after painfully emerges on the rubble of world geopolitical dislocation.

But we had underestimated the decanting period’s duration which we have gone through for more than four years, a period during which all the crisis’ players have worked to a common goal, to gain time: the United States, whilst making every effort to prevent the appearance of alternative solutions to the dollar, in spite of the catastrophic situation of all its systemic fundamentals, to prevent its creditors from abandoning it (discrediting other currencies including the Yen from now on, tenacity against the attempts to disconnect oil from the dollar, etc…); the rest of the world, in setting up skilful strategies consisting of maintaining its assistance towards the United States to avoid a sudden collapse from which it would be the first to suffer, and at the same time constructing alternative and of decoupling solutions.

At the end of this long period of the system’s apparent “anaesthesia”, we consider it necessary to add a sixth phase to our description of the crisis: the last impact phase which will occur in 2013.

The United States certainly believed that the rest of the world would have an interest in keeping its economy on artificial respiratory assistance ad infinitum but it is likely that they don’t believe it any more today. As regards the rest of the world, the final chapters of the US crisis (major political crisis, decisional paralysis, near miss of the fiscal cliff, perspective of a payment default in March, and always the incapacity to implement the least structural solution) convinced it of the imminence of a collapse, and all the players are on the look-out for the least sign of a swing to extricate themselves, conscious that by doing so they will precipitate the final collapse.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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