“Man or Other Animals”

I’m a human man, created in the image of God.
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by Adask
June 17, 2008


Although we’ve advanced several strategies that we think might be unique and strong, the power of our case is our recognition that the federal and Texas laws regarding food and drugs presume man to be an “animal”. This presumption is anathema to fundamental principles of the “Declaration of Independence” and of the Jewish, Christian and (probably) Muslim faiths. This “man or other animals” presumption is blasphemous, absolutely contrary to any concept of religious freedom and a violation of the 1st Amendment’s prohibition against the “establishment of religion”.

I believe the “man or other animals” insight may provide the foundation for the most important challenges to governmental power in a century or more. This insight triggers issues bigger than Roe v. Wade, even bigger than the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s & 1970s. The government deems the people to be animals. In doing so, government lays the foundation for treating us as slaves, “human resources” and even exposing the sovereign people of The United States of America to genocide.


The issue is of explosive power because when President Nixon initiated the War on Drugs in A.D. 1971, he based that war on a definition of drugs that presumes man to be an animal. Nixon’s War on Drugs laid the foundation for the modern police state wherein the majority of police activity is based on pursuing people using or distributing drugs. That police state gave rise to the American “prison-industrial complex” that is the biggest prison complex in the world, and jails a higher percentage of Americans than any other legal system in the world. In our “Brave New” prison-industrial complex at least 70% of the prisoners are there for drug-related crimes.

This suggest that 70% of the prison industrial complex, and possibly 70% of the modern police state are built on the War on Drugs—which, in turn, is built on a tiny legal definition that expressly declares man to be an “animal” and thereby violates fundamental constitutional and religious principles. The whole, goddamned police state is built on the presumption that people are animals, and to the best of my knowledge, I may be the first layman to read the law in almost 100 years to realize the spiritual implications of the phrase “man or other animals”.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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