Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?

If you haven’t noticed, lately, the US is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave.  People say that we have been dumbed down, but most do not know what that means.  The best description I’ve seen, is that students from Kindergarden to the most senior levels of higher education, have been cheated.
Instead of an education, they have been indoctrinated in Socialism and Public Policy.  Public schools are government schools, so it makes sense that the curriculum would be what it is, don’t you think?  This is true for most of us that are alive, today, but it is particularly applicable to those born since the early to mid-1960’s.
The most egregious curriculum is at the PhD level.  At that level, the student is fully invested in the education, and it will be most difficult to  persuade them any differently.  To make matters worse, they think they know it all.  Or, at least more than you…
Then, again, it is hard to see the forest, for the trees.  Many Europeans can see what is happening in the US, while US citizens are blind to the truth, or otherwise distracted by a hectic life, and  sports…
So, we all should be making the effort to unlearn what we’ve been taught, and use our informational resources to learn the truth, as best we can and as fast as we can.  You would also be well advised to pull your kids out of government schools, and either home school them, or find an alternative.

Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?

Published on Monday, January 26, 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle
by Harley Sorensen


The customers always write. I get about 400 e-mails in response to my columns every week, which might explain why I didn’t answer yours. Here, slightly edited, is one of the more interesting ones from last week. It’s from Herr Moellers in Germany:

“Dear Mr. Sorensen,

“I have many American friends and used to go on business travel to the U.S. a lot (I stopped doing that after even our European governments have given in to Uncle Sam’s appetite for information about individuals travelling to God’s Own Country), and I am shocked by the deterioration of democracy in a country that I used to love. This administration is a shame and the destabilization they have brought to the world is scaring the s** out of me.

“My father was a Nazi soldier and he realized during the war what he and most of his generation was led into. I have learned from him that a nation can be guilty and that we must stop the arrogance of the powers at the very beginning. To me, America is becoming truly scary and the parallels to the development in Germany of the thirties (although the reason behind it are totally different) are sickening.

“Thank you for writing about this development. The world is waiting for signs of opposition in the Unilateral States of America!”

Herr Moellers’ e-mail is typical of a half dozen or so I’ve received over the past year from people with intimate knowledge of Nazi Germany.

I respect experience, so I’m inclined to believe what these people are telling me. Perhaps their memories help explain the attitude of Germans toward the Bush administration these days.

They’ve been there, they’ve done that. They know what a corrupt government smells like.

But are they “over the top”? Are they overreacting to a normal swing of the pendulum in American politics?

To make a comparison between Germany in the 1930s and America now, I relied on a Web site called “A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust.” The passages in quotations below are taken from the site.

“With Adolf Hitler’s ascendancy to the chancellorship, the Nazi Party quickly consolidated its power. Hitler managed to maintain a posture of legality throughout the Nazification process.”

Whether by chance or design, George W. Bush is the most powerful American president in modern history. Not only does he have both houses of Congress beholden to him, but the majority of the Supreme Court is acting like a quintet of Bush lapdogs. And it all appears legal.

“Domestically, during the next six years, Hitler completely transformed Germany into a police state.”

Civil libertarians insist that this is happening here now, with the USA Patriot Act in force and Patriot II on the table.

“Hitler engaged in a ‘diplomatic revolution’ by negotiating with other European countries and publicly expressing his strong desire for peace.”


Please click the link to see the complete article.

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