Is false reporting a pattern of officials, on recent mass murder events?

Edited 1-6-13 to add more information…  This is a to clean up some of the notes and links I’ve collected, since the mass murders in Newtown, CT.  Some of this may be duplicitous, inaccurate, wrong or right on.  The inconsistencies, at the highest levels of state, local and federal governments, begs the questions, don’t you think?  Sorry for the presentation.  The WordPress visual mode is unstable.

Video (6:24)
Ben Swann Full Disclosure looks at eyewittness accounts from the scenes of the colorado theater shooting, the wisconsin sikh temple shooting and the connecticut elementary school shooting that indicate more than one shooter may have been involved in all three shootings

The medical examiner’s news conference, claiming that “All” gunshot wounds were caused by the “Long rifle.” This was a day or two after the shooting.

School shooting is now a proven false flag

Inconsistencies in Sandy Hook Official Story
They seem to be laying the groundwork to go after the 1st Amendment.

More video footage from the scene including LEO’s detaining 2 people.

Newtown:  An armed assault to a locked building, while packing half his body weight in gear, able to shut the power to the entire building and disable the automatic door locks?   Nothing about this story makes sense.

From another map on the other thread.

20 circles and 6 squares
20 kids and 6 adults.

There supposedly was only one survivor in one of the classrooms, her other classmates dead, in Newtown.  Katniss, the character (in Collins’ books) who survived was symbolized with fire throughout the books. The second book even titled “Catching Fire”.

Martin Bryant the patsy for the Port Arthur massacre came from New Town, Tasmania

2 Countries populaces disarmed by two mentally deficient PATSIES from New Town, to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER.
An Australian special forces General is on record saying that his best shooters could not have pulled off what Bryant was accused of.
Just a coincidence!?

The author of the popular “The Hunger Games”, Suzanne Collins, lives in… Sandy Hook, CT. “The Hunger Games” is essentially about a furturistic North America, post rebellion. As pennance for the rebellion, the 12 districts are required to offer up their children each year as “tribute” in a gladiatorial fight to the death in the capital. The name of the state in the story is “Panem”. According to, “The name Panem derives from the Latin phrase panem et circenses, which literally translates into ‘bread and circuses’.”
The capital of Panem is located “in an area formerly known as the Rocky Mountains”. So, we’re back to Aurora.
The 2008 Democratic convention, where obama received the nomination as their presidential candidate took place in Denver.
obama has visited Denver many times since, with the Denver Post claiming he has been there more than any president in the past 40 years.

Ms. Collins authored another series called the “Underland Chronicles”. The 2nd book in that series is “Gregor and the Prophesy of Bane”, published September 1, 2004. Bane has some similarities to Hitler in that he sought genocide against a race. He even utilized poison gas. He was a charismatic leader that quickly came to power. That victim race found sympathy with a main character named… Aurora.


Edited to add more information, 1-6-13…

There are very many inconsistencies being exposed within the following program in an interview with a current Connecticut police officer. None of the media is touching on any of these major inconsistencies in their official story.

Below is the interview of Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie Parker, whose daughter was supposedly slaughtered merciless in the Newtown shooting. Everything you need to see is all within the first 30 seconds of production.

Before the camera officially rolls, we see Robbie Parker smiling and joking with all those standing by prior to the official camera roll. Parker steps forward for the film production and says “Go” to the camera man. He then takes on the stance of a grieving parent suitable for the murder scene. He pauses dramatically for a moment, and then takes a very deep breath and begins his grieving presentation.

I recommend everyone stop the film after the first 30 seconds, back it up, and listen to it a couple of times, and get the jest of what is happening before your eyes. Try to envision yourself standing in Robbie Parker’s shoes having just painfully lost your beloved little daughter, and see if this could be you.

In this following film, we see what appears to be a “resurrected” Emilie Parker leaning against Barack Obama who is laughing and smiling ear to ear, of which, if we are to believe the official story, Barack Obama has just experienced a saddened even in which he wipes way tears of sadness over this senseless killing of twenty little children, of which Emilie Parker is just one of. Question: Is this really Emilie Parker, or does Emilie Parker have an identical twin sister? This question should be easy to document.

Assuming Emilie Parker does have an identical twin sister, this raises the question as to why Barack Obama is smiling gleefully when a mass slaughter of twenty children has just taken place. It is obvious this could not be a morning president who is contending that we just have to do something about all these guns in America.


Next below we see a news reporter personally encountering “Sarah” walking by, and she spoke with Sarah, who rendered her account as to what happened. So was Sarah shot and killed, or not. Sarah stated to the reporter that she saw the shooter eye-to-eye. Where is Sarah now?We must know the truth of the matter! There is just too many holes in the official story. Based upon these inconsistencies, the government wants all America to disarm. Perhaps, rather, it is time for American’s to wake up and make sure they are adequately armed for their protection.

Are We Being Told The Honest Truth About Sandy Hook?

Crises Actors.  Trained Players and Actors Making It Real —

What Really Happened At Sandy Hook?

You remain on your own, to discern the truth about this incident.  And many others.


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