Peter Schiff: First The Currency Cliff, Then Higher Inflation And Interest Rates

Things seem to be heating up, as we begin the new year, 2013.  The attacks are from every direction, from guns to food to taxes.  You would do well to have the ability to heat and cook with wood, have the ability to fetch your water, have the ability to sleep under your UN-mortgaged roof, have the ability to grow your own food, and have the ability to go places, without the need for gasoline.  Got a horse?  Or, horses?  None of this is by accident or incompetence.  There are no coincidences…


Peter Schiff: First The Currency Cliff, Then Higher Inflation And Interest Rates

January 3, 2013


In a new video message, Peter Schiff reacts on the longer term outlook of the outcome of the “fiscal cliff debate”. Obviously we don’t want to spend time and effort in analyzing what has been decided, but rather what is to come. We have found some interesting insights in Peter Schiff his point of view although most of them are not new.

Peter Schiff is convinced that America is going to raise the debt ceiling again. That is the most irresponsible and reckless type of action, but the only one he expects. Because of this, the dollar is going to come under pressure. Currently the focus is on the European crisis. However, the coming US crisis is much worse. At least, the Europeans deal one way or another with their problems. The American politicians are less disciplined; they keep on spending what they do not have and keep on increasing the already huge deficits.

Please click the link to see the complete article.

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