The end is not near, it is here and now.

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The end is not near, it is here and now.


This time it really IS different!

These two Bloomberg charts show that 2006-present IS different. Much different. Look at Gold vs. Treasury Yields. Gold is rising, and Treasury Yields are plumbing new depths.

They are worth comparing to Peter Millar’s graphic comparing Gold to Global Monetary base. All three seem to signal that the Keynesian end-game (reducing debt by creating new debt) is not coming, but is already here.

For skeptics, doubters, and deniers, consider this ‘indicator’ by following the wise guys/smart money: JPM (one of the Cartel’s main warhorses) has been THE biggest buyer of Canadian gold miner Goldcorp today, with NO sells. (Despite Goldcorp’s just-lowered guidance and a subsequent ~10% drop in share price).


What did old man Rothschild say? Something about buying when there was blood in the streets, and for the Gold miners there has been plenty of blood spilled. This may be THE time to buy them before people ‘catch on’ to the parabolic phase in Gold that is just ahead. By the time the Muppets wake up and smell the coffee, it will be far too late to catch the coming ride.

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