Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level

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IIASA research has turned up a strategic plan that:

Controls the allocation of energy to individuals and businesses.
Controls transportation and production of global food.
Controls water resources used for agriculture and personal.
Allocates resources under UN guidelines of mitigation of CO2 emissions.

Research focuses on the “transformational nature of the modern world.” IIASA is one of the foundations of the global transformation of local communities to reflect Agenda 21.

One way Agenda 21 is manifesting right now is in Transition Towns. Under the Transition Model, global relocalization agendas are forefront.

The dangers that Transition Towns impose on our sovereignty and individuality are:

Refocus town planning and infrastructure on implementation of Agenda 21.

Appear to be grassroots operations.

Promote the Peak Oil mythology as an energy scare tactic.

Support SmarthGrowth, which is code for Agenda 21.

Aspire to control farming, disburse ability to farm, and pressure governmental policies on farming that reflect Agenda 21.

Use the hoax of man-made climate change as the purpose for imposing policy control by building cities that are designed to reduce carbon emissions.

Securitize local food stores, businesses, healthcare and fuel.

Ensure SmarthGrowth controls all citizens’ ability to acquire any needs for human survival.

Create internal advocacies that band together to purvey Transition Town propaganda to elected officials and local governments.


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