US Treasury Makes It Easier For Chinese Technocrats to Own America

US Treasury Makes It Easier For Chinese Technocrats to Own America

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
December 19, 2012

The provisions of the proposals to avert the fiscal cliff are to allow automatic spending cuts and increase taxes in such an insignificant amount over the next decade that no dent in the deficit would be detectable. And in fact, without action by the Congress or the Obama administration, the fiscal cliff will go into effect.

The distraction tailored in the mainstream media concerning the fiscal cliff is the attention to the bantering between Boehner and Obama. This theater diverts the American public from the massive amount of austerity measures that will plunge every US citizen into poverty.

Hidden in the inflated US dollar, as the Federal Reserve continues to print fiat and pump it into the system is manifesting a dollar bubble. Without $130 annually cut from the current spending budget, there will be no significant reduction.

Thanks to the derivatives debacle created by the technocrats, as well as planned implosion tactics by JP Morgan & Chase Co., Bank of America (BoA), Citibank and Goldman Sachs, 95% of the $230 trillion in US derivatives exposure was founded in the US.

Mega banks like BoA and Citibank rerouted customer funds into loans to other financial institutions, corporations and also purchased US Treasury bonds. Depository monies held in Goldman Sachs were used to bet against and for interest rates, fiat currency exchange rates, mortgages and prices of commodities and equities.

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